Tarvin Tennis Club

Club History

History of Tarvin Tennis Club

The first tennis club that existed on the present site ran from 1946 to 1962. Originally it had two grass courts and these continued until 1951 when they were re-laid and surfaced with tarmac.

The present club was formed in 1967 following the expansion of the village with several new housing estates. At the time the founder members of the club were faced with filling pot holes, erecting netting around the courts to protect them and generally promoting interest in the village to raise money for this rebuilding.  The “club house” then was just a small one-room building with two stories.

In 1968 the two courts were again resurfaced with tarmac and the hut was reconstructed. The membership was now large enough to start a Club Tournament, which ran throughout the summer.

By 1972 the club was flourishing with 106 members.  Open evenings started on Tuesdays and Fridays. The same year a third court  was constructed.

In 1978, after many years of discussion, a new main club hut was bought and erected. This involved digging away a large area of the bank dividing the Tennis Club from the Bowling Club behind, the bowling green being on a level with the roof of the tennis hut! The members did this work themselves for the most part. After several abortive attempts with various huts, a pre-cast concrete shed lined with timber was erected on the site.

In 1984 water and electricity were installed, and the 4th court was constructed. In 1989, at last, a flush toilet was installed! The long delay was due to there being no sewage drains nearby. A septic tank was installed to solve the problem. Prior to that there had been an Elsan toilet up some steps at the old hut. It was so unsavoury that visiting Ladies teams were usually escorted to the nearest member’s house before the match began!

In 2003 the two top courts were resurfaced with sand-filled plastic grass. Then, in March 2006, the two bottom courts were resurfaced also with plastic grass.

In 2007 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary of the present Tarvin Tennis Club.

In 2016 the Club improve its facilities with the installation of floodlighting on two courts and a new improved club house. Grant funding for both facilities was provided by Sport England with help from an anonymous donor.

On 17th June 2017 we celebrated the opening of our new facilities and the 50th Anniversary of the Club. There was an American tournament in the afternoon, followed by cutting of the cake with speeches, and then a dinner in the evening at the Community Centre.

July 2017