Tarvin Tennis Club

Mixed Doubles

1973 Mike Poustie and Juliet York
1974 Phil Bates and Juliet York
1975 Len Shipley and Patricia Brannam
1976 Colin Stopford and Patricia Brannam
1977 Andy Sheridan and Kath Cresswell
1978 Paul Birchall and Patricia Brannam
1979 Howard Crawford and Patricia Brannam
1980 Phil Ravenhill and Patricia Brannam
1981 Rob Millar and Patricia Brannam
1982 Steve Shepherd and Margaret Glaister
1983 Howard Paul and Mary Robinson
1984 Barry Cooper and Onnie Powers
1985 Rob Millar and Mary Robinson
1986 Phil Bates and Mary Robinson
1987 David Barker and Lynn Groves
1988 David Barker and Judith Davies
1989 Chris Edwards and Rosie Budenberg
1990 Barry Cooper and Mary Robinson
1991 Barry Cooper and Sarah Evans
1992 Keith Barker and Shirley Thomas
1993 Barry Cooper and Judith Davies
1994 Patrick Brannam and Annie Trevor-Jones
1995 Mike Jones and Shirley Griffiths
1996 Barry Cooper and Wendy Rae
1997 Barry Cooper and Tracey Patterson
1998 Barry Cooper and Shirley Thomas
1999 Keith Barker and Wendy Rae
2000 Gerald Hey and Wendy Rae
2001 Ian Walker and Barbara Francis
2002 Peter Nosworthy and Shirley Thomas
2003 Chris Lowe and Shirley Thomas
2004 Chris Lowe and Wendy Rae
2005 Phil Cundall and Catherine Mason
2006 Paul Clarke and Lisa Waterfall
2007 Phil Cundall and Carolyn Bunting
2008 Phil Miles and Carolyn Bunting
2009 Rob Millar and Allyson Clarkson
2010 Barry Cooper and Carolyn Bunting
2011 Barry Cooper and Wendy Rae
2012 Graham Bunting and Judi Jennings
2013 Graham Bunting and Sarah Mitchell
2014 Graham Bunting and Shanti Pinto
2015 Amit Tauro and Rhian Perry
2016 Graham Bunting and Sarah Mitchell
2017 Graham Bunting and Catherine Mason
2018 Adam Elliott and Jane Mitchell
2019 Graham Freeman and Julie Hassall
2020 Graham Bunting and Sara Madden
2021 James Pond and Rowena Okell